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  Gailene Marsden's Portfolio 


     Following are several representative samples of Gailene's watercolour paintings.  

     Scroll to the bottom of page for some of my most recent paintings!!!

     Please note the prices exclude framing and postage and the sizes given are approximate.

    To view any in greater detail, simply click on the painting.


    Please respect that the images on this website are copyright and may not be

    downloaded or reproduced using any means without the express written permission of

    the copyright holder.                      Thank you.


Growing Brave approx 104 x 55 cm
Acrylic on canvas      $690.00

Metropolis approx 110 x 40 cm
Acrylic on canvas $450.00


Hot and Dry approx 73 x 26 cm
Watercolour  (Artist's own collection)

Leading Lights approx 71 x 26 cm
Watercolour $380.00


Tempest Over Taranga approx 72 x 25 cm
Watercolour SOLD

Calm Before The Storm approx 71 x 25 cm
Watercolour SOLD


Autumn Pastures approx 73 x 24 cm
Watercolour $700.00 

A Bright New Day
Watercolour (Artists own Collection)


Radiance Ice Blooms approx 80 x 80 cm
framed acrylic on canvas $640.00

Uncharted Ocean approx 90 x 45 cm
Acrylic on canvas $520.00


The Blues approx 91 x 61 cm
Acrylic on Canvas $ 460.00

Sensory Perception
approx 104 x 55 Framed Acrylic on canvas $ 690.00


Sunset  Reflections  approx 71 x 26  cm 
Watercolour  $300.00

Dawn Over Rangi approx 62 x 34 cm
Watercolour SOLD


Autumn Harvest approx 35 x 25 cm
Watercolour SOLD

Early Birds approx 39 x 27 cm
Watercolour SOLD


The Edge of Reason approx 50 x 75 cm
Acrylic on canvas  $400.00

Citrus Burst approx 60 x 80 cm 
framed acrylic on canvas $690.00


Split Decision approx 90 x 45 cm 
Acrylic on canvas$520.00

The Silver Bowl approx 90 x 45 cm,
Acrylic on canvas $520.00


Rangitikei River Bend approx 73 x 26 cm
Watercolour $800.00

Pukekohe Patchwork
Watercolour (Artists own collection)


The Evening Garden approx 30 x 90 cm 
Acrylic on canvas $340.00

Crossroads I and II approx 50 x 100 ea cm 
Acrylic on canvas $430.00 each

The images on this website are copyright and may not be down loaded or reproduced using any means
without the express written permission of the copyright holder

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